Below is a partial list of the steps taken by iWebResults to ensure that all people can use this website. If  you experience difficulties using this website please notify us so we can improve your experience and further empower you. Contact us here:

Website Accessibility Steps:

  1. Font size  – Its easy to increase or decrease the font size in your Windows browser, press the control key and press the “+” or “-” keys on your keyboard to increase or decrease font size. To change the font size for Mac, press the comma key and press “+” to increase or “-” or decrease font size.
  2. Image descriptions and tagging – All images have alt tags for screen readers.
  3. Time sensitive user interaction –  There is no time limit for submissions on the contact forms on this website. Users will have enough time to provide any needed input .
  4. reCAPTCHA –  reCAPTCHA  is ADA compliant. reCAPTCHA protects from spam form submissions while allowing valid users to pass submit forms.
  5. iWebResults tests websites using WAVE is a set of evaluation tools to help make content more accessible to individuals with disabilities.
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