new home construction

If new construction is what you are looking for, I can guide you through the steps and processes for purchase, construction, and customization of a new home.  (I can help you with new homes anywhere outside of The Villages.)

There are many advantages to buying a new home.  Every element of the home is new and therefore maintenance costs are generally less.  New homes usually come with a builder’s warranty on the structure and manufacturers’ warranties on all appliances and mechanical systems.  Today’s homes are energy efficient and many are “smart homes.”  Your new home will be personalized to reflect your taste and you can choose a layout to fit your lifestyle and needs.

As a new home representative, I will look out for your interests.  The builders and their representative do not represent you.  There are a couple of ways that we can start the process of buying a new home. 

You can contact me directly, or you can contact me through where you can search the largest collection of new homes.

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